What is Umbraco

A popular open-source .NET based CMS with
user-friendly interface and flexibility.

What is Umbraco

Umbraco is a popular open-source content management system (CMS) built on the Microsoft ASP.NET framework. It is known for its user-friendly interface and flexibility, allowing developers to easily create and manage websites.

Best for authors

Umbraco offers a user-friendly and intuitive content authoring experience, with a simple and customizable back-end interface for creating and managing website content. This balance of ease of use and flexibility combined with world class authoring experience make it our preferred CMS.

Ultimately Flexible

Umbraco is highly flexible, allowing developers to customize and extend its functionality to fit their needs. It offers a wide range of features and plugins and can be integrated with other systems. Umbraco's use of the Microsoft ASP.NET framework allows seamless integration with other .NET technologies.

The latest .net techology

Umbraco uses the latest .NET 6 technology to provide advanced performance, security and scalability. It allows for faster development and deployment of web applications, and allows for integration with other .NET technologies.

  • Largest CMS on .Net

    One of the largest and most popular open-source CMS built on .NET framework, with a large community of developers and users.

  • Open Source

    Allows for flexibility, customization, and community-driven development. It also allows for cost-effective solutions and access to a wealth of resources and support.

  • Secure

    Umbraco is built on the secure .NET framework and follows industry-standard security practices. It also receives regular security updates and has a dedicated security team.

  • Fast

    Utilizes the latest .NET 7 technology, allowing for faster performance and optimized web applications, making it faster and efficient.

With over 700,000 currently active sites, by choosing Umbraco, you're in good company

Features : Out of the box

A collection of standard features and official / community paid plugins that give your site a solid foundation.

* paid plugin

  • Search

    Offers powerful and flexible search capabilities, including full-text search, faceted search, and the ability to search across multiple indexes.
  • Membership

    Easy creation and management of user accounts, roles, and permissions. It also supports external providers such as Microsoft Identity and OAuth.
  • Image Processing

    Allows for the manipulation and optimization of images, such as cropping, resizing and compression from a simple URL API using the ImageSharp package.
  • Forms*

    Easy creation and management of forms, including support for custom fields, validation, and integrations with external services such as email and CRM.
  • Multilingual

    Supports the easy management of multiple languages on a single website. It offers a built-in language switcher and support for custom culture and language settings.
  • Content Deployment*

    Supports content deployment using tools such as uSync and Umbraco Deploy to transfer content and media between environments.

Countless ways to make use of
Umbraco in your business

  1. Traditional

    Entry-level enterprise CMS for a small or medium-sized company. Its streamlined page-building tools allow authors to easily create and manage website content while visualizing the outcome.

  2. Disconnected

    Manage content or settings for a mobile app and any other system where data is retrieved via an API. Its flexible and extensible architecture allows for customization to fit specific needs.

  3. Composed

    Link different content sources into a composed Digital Experience Platform (DXP). Manage, structure and distribute across different channels and touchpoints consistently - an excellent option for those with more advanced requirements.

How can we help? : Getting started with Umbraco

HiFi, a digital agency, can help you get started with Umbraco by providing expert guidance and support. As a leading Umbraco partner, they can create a customized Umbraco implementation that will be flexible, maintained and long lasting.

They can also provide training and support to ensure that your team can effectively use and manage your Umbraco-based website.