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Consalia : Discovering Sales Mindsets


Time with HiFi - 4 years

The UK’s first Sales Business School, Consalia strives to professionalise sales globally by working with large enterprises (SAP, Sony and Royal Mail).

Their innovative education and transformation engine is a cycle of teaching, research, implementation and understanding that forms a self-perpetuating engine of improvement to continually advance their understanding of the sales process.

A golden opportunity

Whilst studying for a PhD in sales transformation, Consalia’s CEO (Dr Philip Squire), designed a set of 20 multiple choice questions into a survey that helped to better understand the attitudes and mindsets of salespeople.

Its output is a set of 4 scores between opposing positive and negative mindsets. This clearly identifies how the evaluated salesperson could improve their approach.

Previously, to discover mindsets, the survey (contained within an Excel file) would be emailed to salespeople, they filled it in and got their results.

This was an unrefined and manual process, for both the person answering the multiple-choice questions and for Consalia.

For Consalia, there was no integration, making reporting difficult. Moreover, it was hard to develop the concept further, constrained by the limitations of Excel.

Product Development : From idea to concept

As so often happens, innovation starts with an exciting conversation, exploring possibilities and finding scope for growth. The next part is harder, turning ideas into a journey that is quick and easy to realise and will continue evolve.

Listening, discussing.
Seeing potential...
Turning into reality

Solution : Growing a digital product

Initially, we created a proof of concept - a faithful, web-based recreation of the Excel process, so salespeople could take the survey without manual intervention.

From there we created a more refined and involved process, including surveying the salesperson’s customers so that they may discover not only their own mindset but also how they were perceived by others.

We then took this a step further by wrapping the whole journey into a client portal allowing whole organisations to take surveys and view reports.

Recently, we added comparing results from surveys taken at different points in time.

It has been a real journey for both HiFi and Consalia and has become a major part of our work together, with plenty of opportunities to develop even further.

Design & Build : Small but powerful

To make the solution as flexible and easy to manage as possible, both from the developer and client partners perspective, a selection of “card” templates were created. With the ability to mix, reorder, add and remove the card types. This allows us to be agile in our approach, swapping and creating new journeys as required.

The addition of a client portal to manage organisations’ surveys made administration far easier - with the ability to see progress and send email reminders to both the salespeople and their contacts.

For the survey results screen, we generate a dynamic SVG image which allows for animation and crisp rendering, while being able to scale from one screen resolution to another.

Results : Exploding with possibility

In 6 months HiFi have taken Consalia from an initial conversation to a complete and fully featured digital product. Consalia have been able to leverage their own IP into a unique selling point that acts as their primary lead source and a revenue generator.

This tool is used daily as part of their sales process, to measure course effectiveness and countless other ways.

Dr Phil Squire has finally been able to realise his vision, Mindset Survey is a core part of the business.

  • 5 Opportunities generated
  • 6 Active client portals
  • 400 Surveys completed
  • 200 Customers surveyed

Have a idea that you
want to realise

Having an idea is easy, knowing what to do next and then how to make it happen is difficult. We help organisations to realise what is possible and support them in making it a reality. Like Consalia, it could revolutionise your business, make you unique, all whilst making use of what you already have.

Let’s start a conversation and see where it takes us.

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