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Consalia : Sales Business School


Time with HiFi - 3 years

The UK’s first Sales Business School, Consalia strives to professionalise sales globally by working with large enterprises (SAP, Sony and Royal Mail).

Their innovative education and transformation engine is a cycle of teaching, research, implementation and understanding that forms a self-perpetuating engine of improvement to continually advance their understanding of the sales process.

A unique proposition

To take advantage of its unique position Consalia need to distance and differentiate itself from other sales business schools. They offer a unique learning experience and curriculum only available to employed sales people.

However, communicating and highlighting their distinctive programme structure and teaching methods effectively would require a tailored content solution. 

Given the importance of the sales business school to Consalia, their previous solution failed to adequately sell this company area: content was poor; basic, essential information such as the course tutors were missing. Not only that but the present content was poorly displayed, with essential details being hard to find.

It was clear that insufficient time and thought had been given to this area, leading to substandard usability issues and a low number of online applications.

Strategy & Definition : A well thought out plan

Addressing the issues with the existing sales business school section of Consalia’s website required a thorough understanding of how they worked and what information and message needed to be conveyed.

To achieve this both HiFi and Consalia undertook meetings to explore competitors’ websites and consider their customers' journeys to ensure the new structure and strategy would work. The aim was a flexible solution that fulfilled all key stakeholders’ objectives and was customer centric.

Taking the time to consider the content structure and composition improves how a company is perceived and understood

Solution : Better communication

After undertaking a period of planning, a clear set of objectives was finalised, and the solution was focussed with a real sense of direction. The need to increase the number of online applicants prompted the addition of multiple obvious “calls to action” to push users towards applying. The content had to be easily understood and not overwhelming for potential students and split between multiple pages and tabs, which made it easier to navigate and less daunting.

Content Writing : Ensuring your ideas are read

By defining page narratives, we could decide how the content should be written and structured, directing the user towards an understanding or a goal. Setting the objectives of each page made the creation of its content more straightforward and much more streamlined; content that did not meet the goals could be separated into different areas where it would be more relevant.

‘Writing fat’ could also be trimmed down, moved elsewhere or deleted entirely, keeping the text divided into small, focused and punchy paragraphs. To create visual interest, distinct components could be employed depending on content length and/or what was being presented, with supporting content also moved into differently styled asides.

Systems Integration : Integration where its required

However, the content is not the whole picture here. A vital part of the sales business school is its systems integration. Each programme is set up in Salesforce and connected to the respective programme page. New applicants can apply for specific start dates and remaining places are automatically updated.

Always available, always correct, and always up to date.

Results : Making a difference

There’s no doubt that the new solution is an improvement, not only for the prospective students (the statistics speak for themselves) but also for the critical stakeholders in the business. The content author has an improved experience, as pages are easier to maintain, making the editing process more accessible and the content more likely to be kept up-to-date. Consalia has benefitted not only from the integration of Salesforce into the business school but also through the increased visibility and transparency of what they have to offer potential students, leading to increased enrolment.

  • 45 Students enroled
  • 2k Page Views
  • 3000 Brochures requested
  • 2000 Programmes Shared

Are you struggling to communicate online?

A clear, concise message is core to the success of any business and translating your ideas for the online world can be a daunting prospect.

We help companies to take complex ideas and break them down into easy-to-understand structures and narratives that help prospective customers work out who you are and whether you are a good fit for their needs.

Let us help get your customers to understand you better

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