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Consalia : Understanding The Company


Time with HiFi - 3 years

The UK’s first Sales Business School, Consalia strives to professionalise sales globally by working with large enterprises (SAP, Sony and Royal Mail).

Their innovative education and transformation engine is a cycle of teaching, research, implementation and understanding that forms a self-perpetuating engine of improvement to continually advance their understanding of the sales process.

An exciting company

As with many companies, Consalia found that their brand and work had outpaced their website. Keen not to abandon their existing solution and content but eager to apply their new brand assets, they set about finding a digital agency.

They sought to be guided and mentored by their chosen digital agency, intending to get their business and ideas reflected better by their site, allowing users to fully understand who they are and effectively showcase their truly unique offerings.

Unfortunately for Consalia, the agency they previously used could be described as a ‘panda agency’; they had been left with a solution that wasn’t as tailored to their needs as it should have been.

They had been left to their own devices after the initial release, with little support and understanding of digital in-house, their content suffered, and the website was abandoned.

They’d struggled to articulate their message, as their text was mainly long-form, reading more like a book than a website. It's fair to say the initial website project was a waste of time and money.

Strategy & Definition : A Consalia deep dive

When beginning to work with clients, we need to spend a reasonable amount of time on discovery - through meetings, we explore the nature of our new client’s work, their business, who they are, and what their goals and aspirations are. Most importantly we begin to learn about their customers.

This was how we started with Consalia and from the beginning, everyone was rewarded with ideas and opportunities that could be investigated.

By both parties committing to quarterly meetings, no possibility for further digital improvement is left unconsidered, and Consalia is supported throughout.

We would love to learn about your company,
we are as passionate about making you as success

Solution : Working out a digital strategy

We prioritised swiftly and cost-effectively migrating their website to a more stable solution. This significantly and immediately impacted Consalia: they could add new rows to existing pages where they couldn’t before; the previous solution was built with restrictive, predefined page templates. 

Whilst this process was ongoing, we took the time to familiarise ourselves with Consalia, digest their brand guidelines and begin to translate and expand upon it in preparation for online use. Armed with our newfound knowledge of the company, we could jointly outline a flexible work plan over the next year, moving onto an agile methodology, prioritising what would significantly positively affect Consalia’s digital presence.

Support & Coaching : Helping client grow and improve

It wouldn't have been correct for Consalia to outsource all their digital concerns to HiFi. For the relationship to work genuinely, both parties had to fully invest in the process.

By presenting new ideas and concepts, such as customer journey mapping, we have begun to have more meaningful conversations about the website with a real focus on users.

Introducing and teaching tools such as Figma, wireframing and design input can become a far more accessible and collaborative process. Exploring AI content production has also made writing for the site far faster and allows more time to be spent honing their message.

Results : A large increase in engagement

Initially, we took a step back and helped Consalia re-evaluate its entire website and message before applying its new brand, continuing to iterate monthly, making constant, incremental improvements.

After this collective effort, we have a site all can be proud of. With HiFi’s support over the years, they have a newfound confidence in their content and, coupled with the new features and integrations we have provided, have a website that works for them: not only does it generate more leads, but the amount of users has increased, as has the average time they stay on the site.

Consalia were so pleased with the fruits of our joint efforts via a retainer, that they have doubled the amount of time HiFi spends per month on exploring new opportunities together such as the Mindset Survey.

  • 70% Increase in website traffic
  • 627% Leads from website increase
  • 32% Domain authority increase
  • 50% Site speed

Are you struggling to communicate online?

It's sometimes challenging to get your ideas across online, especially on websites that mix design and structure with the need to support many different audiences. 

We specialise in helping customers communicate their message straightforwardly and become better understood and trusted. 

Let us get to know you better, and then let us help you to tell the world how amazing and unique you are.

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