Client centric
digital agency

A company of people obsessed with creating and
guiding client partners to reach their digital potential.

During the early years of HiFi, we spent our time building great websites for other agencies.

Automating our production process gave us the time to find out that we excel at ideation, content creation and many other areas that are required to be a good customer focussed, full-service, digital agency.

Why customers choose us

When we talk to agency customers we hear the same experience repeated, a cycle of build and rebuild that only helps agencies get richer.

  1. Projects don’t work

    Most agencies work project to project, delivering for clients for a short time before moving on to the next customer.

  2. Not in the client’s interest

    Digital is seen as disposable, only lasting a few years. Agencies exploit this, profiting by packaged reselling.

  3. No long term thinking

    It doesn’t help you. For the investment, you should expect a solution that evolves, adapts and endures.

Only working with a few clients keeps our quality high and allows us to really get to know each one well

Our approach : How we drive results

Getting the best out of digital is not just about launching a site and hoping for the best. These are the areas that have to work together to make it a success.

  • Understanding customers

    Working out what motivates your customers, how they think, feel and do gives insight into how to suceed and grow.
  • Improved communication

    Learning how best to talk to your customers in ways that will get your message across simply and efficiently.
  • Making content the centre

    The what and how of your content is fundamental to sucess. Everything else is there to support that message.
  • Turning ideas into reality

    People have great ideas. They are often held back by a lack of understanding of what is possible and how to get there.
  • Creating balanced solutions

    Bringing together development, design, writing and authoring into a single package where all areas shine equally.
  • Empowering people

    Supporting and coaching marketing teams in the latest ideas, processes and tools, to become more skilled and effective.

Our client partners are at
the centre of everything we do

  • Authentic : Being true to you

    Honest, credible, unpretentious, sincere, ethical, trustworthy, dependable.

  • Client Centric : Like we work for you

    Interested, investigative, knowledgable, dedicated, passionate, accountable, attentive.

  • Proactively Creative : Thinking outside the box

    Strategic, forward-thinking, innovative, creative, reflective, above and beyond.

  • Tactfully Audacious : Telling you when its wrong

    Daring, bold, challenging, aware of limits, diplomatic, unconventional, enthusiastic.

Our Team

  • Phil Whittaker


  • Lewis Farrow

    UI & Creative

  • Andy Neil

    Developer & Client Account

  • Adam Campion


How can we help? : Let’s work together

We form long term partnerships with companies that understand that importance of working digitally but don’t have the knowledge or resources internally to make it work.

We’ll be happy to give you the right advice and explore how we can help.