Setting the
right direction

Helping you to makes the right choices, now and in the future

Sometimes the hardest step is the first. We're here to help make that step easier by listening, empathising, discussing and advising.

We then use our knowledge and experience to help clear the fog and begin on the right path, going forward, working together as a partnership.

Where digital goes wrong

All too often companies don’t take the time to stop and think before making decisions about what should be on their website or how a digital product will work.

Not looking before you leap can waste money, confuse your customers, or even worse, damage your reputation.

It’s a wasted opportunity.

These problems stem from agencies not understanding your company, the market and/or your customers.

By taking the time to listen, learn and understand, we bring in an outside perspective and explore together through workshops that set the right  tone and direction from the very start.

Other reasons to upgrade

It may be obvious but needs saying, setting aside the right amount of time to complete structured exploration will lead to much better outcomes.

  1. Increased security

    Gaining understanding by listening to your team talk about their experiences, and ask them questions.

  2. Increased security

    Some good ideas are born quickly, sometimes they take time. It's important to give ideas space to grow.

  3. Advanced functionality

    Working together to consolidate ideas and thoughts into a structured plan of action with defined goals.

Everyone is time-poor but there’s no excuse for not stopping and thinking before acting...

Background : The tools of our trade

Using industry standard tools helps us to efficiently explore your company and customers together in easy and (hopefully) fun ways.

  • Workshops

    Post-it notes, pens and plenty of wall space help us to explore ideas with you and your team in an informal way.
  • Information Structure

    Understanding your uniqueness, planning how content will be structured to be both familiar and navigable.
  • Wireframing

    Creating easy to understand content first representations that are efficient and help planning and evolution.
  • Research

    Talking to your customers, discovering needs, revealing opportunities, improving communication.
  • Journey Planning

    See your customers actions through the different stages of thinking, feeling and doing to understand motivation.
  • Prototyping

    Helps surface what works and what doesn’t, seeing the product before it hits production.

Once the right decisions are made everything else becomes much easier.

Ways we can get started

The easiest way to get to know us. Real value from self-contained packages that give insight into your company, customer or explore a digital product idea.

  • Getting to know your company

    Duration: 1 day

    A structured workshop digging into the what, how and who of your company. Experience tells us, this is the best start to working together and usually discovers quick-fix improvements and some big ideas.

  • Understanding your customers

    Duration: 2 days

    Defining or maming use of an existing, important customer persona, we will run a customer journey planning workshop then write a report including key improvements and a plan of action.

  • Exploring something new

    Duration: 1 week

    Starting with a conversation about an idea, then exploring possibilities and finding scope for growth. The next part is harder, turning ideas into a journey that is quick and easy to realise, that can be evolved.

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Need help to make the right digital choices?

Digital is hard and you need help to get it right. There are so many wrong routes, it's taken us years to know the best paths to take. We can help you to concentrate on your business, safe in the knowledge digital and marketing team are supported.