Staying ahead of
the competition

Creating a great experience is only half the battle, attracting visitors is just as important

Writing, designing and building are only the beginning. It must be indexable on search engines, target specific and competitive keywords and have a backlink strategy that raise your profile and gets people to visit.

Understanding usage is key to improving over time the user experience. over time. Before launch everything is at best a guess at what will work, seeing how people interact once it’s launched can be an eye-opening experience and drive further change.

Failing before you get started

Many agencies churn out as much as they can with little consideration for quality. Hitting tight deadlines for low costs is a false economy.

For both search engines and people, poor quality reflects badly; slow performance wrongly targeted keywords, hard to understand or difficult to use.

A great foundation is always the best start, great content, written for you, backed by a well-built solution that ranks well an is clear and precise.

We work out which keywords will work for you, who are your SEO competitors, what are their strategies, how to manage your backlinks, all with the aim of improving your profile.

Finally, we help analyse usage; what works well and what doesn’t, is everything clear, can anything be easier. Making informed changes that will improve outcomes.

Reaching the summit of Google results is not hard; they just want to see good content on well-built sites that change often.

Background : Areas of expertise

Using the right industry standard tools helps us to efficiently explore you and your customers together in an easy and (hopefully) fun way.

  • Onsite SEO

    Ensuring content can be indexed alongside any meta data. Structuring content and managing redirects
  • Keyword research

    Uncovering keywords that you can win, attracting people with the right intent for now and in the future.
  • Backlink Management

    Developing backlink strategies to improve search engine ranking and increase domain trust
  • Marketing Tools

    Integration as part of the code and via third party services. Efficiently adding the suport and services required.
  • Analysis

    Helping to interpret user action as intent and motive. Filtering the raw data by importance and into actions.
  • Online Advertising

    Mainintaining advertising ROI by setting goals, understanding user intent and closely monitoring performance.

Monitoring how customers engage with your content gives insight into how your business is percieved and will drive change.

Packages and training

Packages designed to help you understand what you have and advise the next steps towards better results.

  • Site Audit

    Duration: 2 day

    Working through a site as a whole to understand what works and doesn’t. Recommending a plan of action towards better performance

  • Usage Analysis

    Duration: 1 day

    Reporting on user interaction and usage through a range of marketing tools. Recommending steps that can be taken to incrase conversion.

  • GA Setup and Training

    Duration: 1 day

    Google analytics setup and integrated including goals and events setup. Training and support for your team including adding custom reports.

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